Accountability Soft – Admin panel

Web Development bootstrap, laravel-framework, phpTask here was to build admin panel for mobile diagnostic app. Mobile devices report some data to the database, and we created Laravel admin backend.

Task description:

  • Creating Eloquent models for all data
  • Creating controllers and views from mockups ( Built them with bootstrap)
  • Show all data from database into app

This was made on Upwork

“Milutin was one of the most solid and reliable PHP contractors we have had work for us. His attention to detail and his level of constant and clear communication made him a great resource for our business. I would hire him in an instant for our future products. I am keeping his information for when our next project arises. In summary, Milutin was a pleaure to work with.”

Skills 5.0
Quality 5.0
Availability 5.0
Deadlines 5.0
Communication 5.0
Cooperation 5.0



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