Welcome to Softelm

Web development team

We are professional, enthusiastic development team, primary oriented to Web Technologies.

We are Softelm team

We create beautiful code

Softelm team is group of people that share passion for developing cutting edge web technologies for their clients.

Frontend development

In our projects we usually use Bootstrap themes for CSS, with custom edits if needed. We also prefer jQuery to create dynamic frontend content. leo.

Backend development

For backend coding, we are working with PHP only, and we really enjoy using most popular MVC framework Laravel. We worked with Laravel 4.1, 4.2, and now we are using 5.1+ versions.

Server side

Even tho our projects are cross platform, we usually prefer to deploy them on CentOS or Ubuntu web servers with Webuzo/Cpanel. We also have our guy for server administration!

Softelm Team

Meet our great team!

We work on all our projects alone, without outsourcing. Here you can meet the team that could work on your projects too!

Full Stack Web Developer
Milutin Stanković

I am 28 years old Senior full stack web developer from Niš, Serbia. Graduated at Software Engineering on Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, with 8 years of experience with Web technologies (PHP and Laravel mainly).

For more info check my LinkedIn.

Computer Science Professor
Nebojša Lazarević

I am teaching Computer Science for past 12 years in gymnasium in Aleksinac. My expertise are database management systems. In past few years I have turned to Web technologies.

I also have experience with MS Access, Delphi, C# and Java.

Full Stack Developer
Aleksandar Vulić

I am into web developing for last 3 years. First 2 years I was primary oriented towards frontend developing. Last year I started learning and coding with Laravel. Now I am working as full stack web developer.

I also have experience with JavaScript, MySQL, jQuery.

JavaScript Developer
Dusan Pavlovic

A few years after graduating from high school I found a high interest in coding and website development. I started writing Javascript and doing WordPress in 2015 when I continued to learn and develop my skills in Softelm.

When I’m not writing code, I like to play video games, walk my dog and enjoy quality time with my friends.

Mobile Developer
Dimitrije Kostic

I’m a 21-year-old, front end developer. Currently, I’m in my final year of studying Software Engineering Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. For the last half-year, I’ve been developing front end web and mobile applications (react and react-native).


Checkout our recent projects

We have worked on various types of projects, from small personal apps, over the open source apps to top level enterprise applications and systems. Here you can take look at some of them.

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